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  • Q What is the effect of three main parameters on cutting tool life?

    A The three main parameters on machining are Cutting speed (Vc), Feed rate (fn) and Cutting depth (ap). When the cutting speed is increased, cutting temperature will increase and tool life will be shortened. Small feed rate leads to serious abrasion on clearance face, greatly reducing tool life. As for cutting depth, If it is too low, the cutting nose only scrapes the hardened layer on the workpiece surface, reducing tool life.
  • Q How to choose the right insert grade?

    To choose the right insert grade, you need to know the workpiece material, the application and the machining conditions. Generally speaking, to machining hardened material, you need to choose high hardness insert grade. For roughing and intermittent working conditions, you need to choose high toughness insert grade. 
  • Q How to choose the insert chipbreaker?

    A The insert chipbreaker determines the cutting depth and possible cutting parameters of corresponding workpiece. In addition, the insert chipbreaker determines the strength of the cutting edge of the insert and the reasonable chip breaking range based on cutting depth and feed rate.
  • Q How to choose the insert dimension?

    A The insert dimension is determined by the insert shape and the length of the cutting edge. Once the insert shape is fixed, the maximum cutting depth determines the insert dimension. For harsh machining conditions, to obtain sufficient reliability, larger and thicker inserts should be considered. Normally speaking, if the effective cutting edge length is smaller than the cutting depth, a larger insert should be considered. Otherwise, the cutting depth needs to be reduced.
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